Our hospital in Redlands utilizes a nationally trusted animal diagnostic laboratory for both our in hospital lab service and a more extensive outside reference laboratory to provide a comprehensive list of diagnostic tests to assist in the diagnosis  and treatment of your pet's medical condition. Most results from the reference lab will be available within 12 - 24 hrs. The in house tests offers the advantage of providing comprehensive realtime results while you wait, something that can be vital in emergency situations where the information obtained can dictate direction of treatment and ultimately the outcome. 

In addition to lab services, we offer diagnostic imaging that includes both digital X-rays and ultrasound. Digital X-rays have become the standard practice in many veterinary hospitals, and can provide more rapid and superior images than film X-rays. Repeating  X-rays in order to obtain images of diagnostic value with a digital system is often not necessary, thereby decreasing your pet's exposure to X-rays. These images can also be burned onto a CD, providing you with a copy for your pet's medical records, or a copy for the emergency or referral hospital should your pet require further care at another facility. 
Ultrasound is another minimally invasive imaging tool that allows us to look at the internal organs in more detail, including the liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, heart and urinary bladder. Here at Veterinary Integrative Center, we offer in house ultrasound services for routine evaluations such as pregnancy checks, or with the assistance of VetImage, a mobile veterinary ultrasound service, for more detailed examinations.

The combination of  these diagnostic modalities available at our facility allows for convenience and often a more prompt diagnosis of  your pet's condition without having to go to multiple facilities. Give us a call today if you have any questions about the diagnostics we have to offer, or would like to make an appointment for your pet.