Good oral health plays a vital role in the general health of your pet. 

Dental disease is a common problem for most of our pets, with many developing some stage of periodontal disease (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth, as brought on by progression of dental disease) by the age of three. Dental disease if left untreated can affect not only the health of the mouth, but can also lead to more serious health conditions down the road, such as heart, intestinal, kidney and lung disease. Signs of oral and dental disease can include the following: 

      - bad breath 

      - discoloration or tartar covered teeth 

      - loose or missing teeth 

      - difficulty with eating, discomfort around the mouth area 

      - bleeding from the mouth

      - abnormal chewing, excessive drooling, or dropping of food

or other related signs should prompt a visit to your veterinarian's office. 

​Veterinary Integrative Center offers general dental services that include ultrasonic dental cleaning, digital dental x - rays, extraction of diseased and persistent deciduous teeth, and other procedures that help maintain your pet's oral health.

Call us today to make an appointment so we can perform a general oral exam on your pet and determine what steps need to be taken to address any oral or dental health problems that may be present.